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From 2011 - 2012 I worked with this band, created by Tom Brookes. Tom asked if I would create some backdrops for their live performances, which I was glad to do. Here are some of the videos I created for them. The logo above was designed using Photoshop.

Some Lightning Thrill

I made this video for the first Cavebirds single, using mostly re-edited found footage.



In Love From Afar

This used a mixture of found footage alongside my own videos of an eagle and an owl.



Oh My

The sparkly backgrounds were created by gluing glitter to pieces of card. As I tilted them and moved the light source around, the particles caught the light, and I recorded the effect using different focal lengths. The more I defocussed the lens, the larger these hexagonal particles would become.


Little Miss

For this video I recorded the band performing the song and then reworked the footage. The close-ups of mouths are taken from advertising.


Conquered Man

This video features footage of an owl, a vulture and a magnificent bateleur eagle, which I recorded at a falconry in Thirsk. The rat was videoed at Charlotte Gilroy's house in Harrogate. She was the proud owner of two female rats at the time, named Penelope and November.



This is the last song I worked on with Cavebirds. I used lots of kaleidoscope imagery here, generated from my own videos - plus video footage of a clockwork doll and an elephant shot at Ilkley toy museum. Plus a few rats thrown in for good measure.




This is one of the early songs by Cavebirds. The dancer is Angela Dumain, who I videoed doing her thing while she was at the Northern School of Dance in Leeds.


I designed these using images I took of birds of prey at a falconry in Thirsk, North Yorkshire.

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