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children's home 2018

Following on from my travels I spent a little over a year working in another children's home in Leeds. From the start, the manager was keen for me to add some murals to the bedroom corridor - which is rather dark on account of being windowless. 

I started off with a trio of owls and a bug gobbler...


Trio of owls


Bug gobbler

I could have carried on adding random monsters and creatures until the corridor looked like a Hieronymous Bosch painting come to life and the children all had nightmares, but instead, the whole corridor was given a new lick of paint and I had the opportunity to begin again - with a unified theme this time. What would the theme be? Outer space.

Where once there were owls - there are now space frogs...

Space Frogs.jpg

There are stars and planets...


There's a psychedelic Jupiter...

Psychedelic Jupiter.jpg

A lunar lander...


... and a Martian base.

Martian base.jpg

The project took me a couple of months to complete. Special thanks to my ex-colleagues at the children's home - it was great working with you. I'll be popping back to do spot checks to make sure you haven't redecorated and that Harry hasn't added any stick-on stars. And yes, Harry - there are 48 of them ;-)

One last thing...

The bug gobbler is an extremely primitive animal. However, over millions of years, it left the swamp behind and evolved into a higher order of life - the space frog.

Happy space faring.