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In addition, here are the videos of Guy Merculief singing and playing his guitar in Seagull Park, downtown Anchorage. Guy appears prominently in the documentary, discussing his native American heritage, and his thoughts on present-day industrialisation, and the damage being done to precious natural ecosystems.

Sadly, Guy was struck by a vehicle and killed in Anchorage in late 2014, before he had a chance to see the documentary. I have been in touch with his family since, and I am glad that the videos I made of Guy have been a comfort to them.

Guy was a kind, wise and generous man, and the videos I have made, and the book, are dedicated to his memory.

Guy plays "Imagine"

"Seasons In The Sun"

"I Love A Rainy Night" and "Angie"


"My Bucket's Got A Hole In It"

"Folsome Prison Blues"