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Some recently sold paintings...



This volcanic piece involved a number of application techniques, including paint pouring and high-impact splattering. The 3D effects were created with wall filler and baby powder-based mixtures and required many layers to achieve the final result. 

This piece has gone to a private home.


As the name suggests, this piece is designed to provide an impression of spring. The pale colours of winter are giving way to the colours of spring flowers and the new growth that one associates with that season. Since being sold, this piece has found a new home at a business in Huskvarna, Sweden.

10% of the proceeds from this sale went to charities represented by The Life You Can Save. For more information about this organisation and the charities it represents, please follow the link.


An impressionistic depiction of smoke rising from chimneys. The swirling 'smokey' effect was achieved by splattering the canvas with a baby powder-PVA glue-acrylic paint mixture that created fine 3D worm-like shapes.

This painting has gone to a private home.

Pink, Yellow, Orange

This was one of my earliest 'splatter pieces', created in spring 2018. This reflects my simple and undying fascination with colours - in this case, pink, yellow, and orange.

This piece went to a massage parlour in Jönköping, Sweden. The customer wanted something with a calming aura that would put his customers in a chilled-out frame of mind. 

vox hotel

December 2020 - March 2021

Abstract paintings 2020

Abstract paintings 2019

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