Here is a collection of videos I've created over the years for the purpose of providing backdrops to gigs and other live events. I have always been fascinated by creatures of all kinds and these videos reflect that interest. In the pursuit of videoing interesting creatures I have visited pet shops, people's houses, a falconry, a farm and an aquatic centre. Indeed, I have visited my own living room - where I videoed a housemate's pet cat.

These videos available to anyone who may wish to use them. Please just send me a message to let me know the nature of the project, and ideally a link to the finished piece, gig recording or whatever :-)

Pac-Man Frog

Pac-Man Frog 2

Bearded Dragon

Bearded Dragon 2

Bearded Dragon 3


Jellyfish 2

Bateleur Eagle


Vulture 2



Llama 2


Double Rats

Coloured Rats

Kaleidoscope Rats


Kaleidoscope Cat

Cat and Rat


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