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This is my first collection of paintings, done while I was studying for my undergraduate degree in art. Some have been created using paint pens, others acrylic paint, and some are a mixture of the two. I was very interested in composition, and to that end I considered carefully how the design would fit snugly within the frame of the canvas, without appearing constrained. 

The image above depicts Arnold Schwarzenegger in his body building days with the word "POWER" overlaying his torso. The idea hit me like a bullet to the brain while I was in an altered state - forcing me to go out and buy the largest canvas I could find (6ft.x4ft.) and set to work. The whole thing took me about three months to complete.


Konishiki Yasokichi - aka "The Dump Truck" - must have made for an intimidating sight as he faced down his opponent in the Sumo ring. Having watched him do battle when I was a child, I was fascinated by a photograph I found of him, because human beings do not normally fit so well into a rectangle. 


The Japanese characters represent the name of one of the few survivors of Japan's super-battleship Yamato, which was sunk in the Pacific in 1945.






avocado plant

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