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Pigeon Palace

This is a video of pigeons I recorded outside Leeds Art Gallery in 2012. I overlaid the footage with the stripes and colours from Bridget Riley's 1981 painting 'Winter Palace', which was on exhibition in the gallery at the time. The music is sneakily appropriated from Brian Eno's magnificent "Music for airports" (although the music did not feature in the exhibition).

Virtue Horizon

Part of a group exhibition held in Leeds Art Gallery, where my pigeon footage was displayed.

Terrors of The Deep

This was exhibited as a split-screen installation in 2010. I combined footage I shot of a boxer walloping the heavy bag in slow motion, alongside footage I shot of a goldfish swimming around its tank upside down.

Horrors of Deep Space

This was an exrcise in minimalism. I used the same soundtrack from 'Terrors of The Deep', although this time the boxer is not visible. The fish has been edited almost out of existence, leaving only a trace of itself behind. I was interested in exploring the contiguity between sound and image.

Look At Me / 2011


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